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Barigui Park One of the biggest parks in Curitiba. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays the park is one of the main meeting places of the city and during the week it is very common to hike around the lake. There are many entertainment and leisure options in Barigui.

The Tanguá Park preserves green areas near the source of the Barigui River, with araucarias . It has a waterfall, two lakes and an artificial tunnel that can be visited by boat or on foot. The whole of the park also includes a belvedere, bike lane, Cooper Lane and cafeteria.

The Superagui National Park or Parque Nacional do Superagui was created in 1989 with a land area of 33,998 hectares split between the Valley of the Rio dos Patos on the mainland, as well as the islands of Superagui, Das Peças, Pinheiro and Pinheirinho. Fishing regions lie outside the perimeter of the park, allowing fishermen to go about their work unhindered. The park is within the estuary and lagoon of Paranaguá, Iguape and Cananéia.

Since 1972, culture, creation and nature are found around the lake of São Lourenço park, formed by the Belém River. It began with the great flood of 1970, with the overflow of the São Lourenço dam, then belonging to the Fertilizers Boutin factory. The project met the regulation of the waters of the River Belém and use of the surrounding area, with recycling of use of an old glue factory.

The Botanical Garden is one of the main postcards of Curitiba Considered one of the best known and visited public spaces in Curitiba , the Botanical Garden – inaugurated on October 5, 1991 – contemplates 178 thousand square meters of green space and a lot of history. The place offers as highlights – besides the greenhouse – the Botanical Museum of Curitiba ; Garden of Sensations ; cultural space Frans Krajcberg (currently disabled); statue “Amor Materno” by the Polish artist João Zaco Paraná ; and areas designed for leisure and physical exercise.